Bintang Novita, in her capacity as the organizer, disclosed that so many young and productive families living with hectic daily schedules always expect to get the products in need fast and easy to get in a single place that is comfortable and enjoyable so as to save time, energy, and cost. Such expectations will be easily realized in the upcoming  FOMBEX 2023.

“With the coming up of  FOMBEX, everyone will find it unnecessary to come to multiple paces only for finding a single product item. Instead, everyone will be able to show attention and love for mom and baby as the family’s pride.  With a one-stop event, all needs are well met.  So, FOMBEX is the first maternity exhibition at ICE and is the fastest in responding to the growing trend of mom, baby and toddler needs especially in Tangerang City, South Tangerang, and the greater regions of Jabodetabek, as well as the general public” Bintang Novita, said.

The comprehensive product coverage by FOMBEX 2023  will make all visitors easy and enjoyable to make the right choice. FOMBEX 2023 presents 9 product categories consisting of (1) Baby Essentials & Bedding, (2) Baby gear, Travel Equipment & Toys, (3) Nursing & Growth Supplies, (4) Hygiene & Healthcare Supplies, (5) Baby & Kids Wear, (6) Maternity Wear, (7) Early Learning & Education, (8) Maternity Photography & Videography, and (9) Pregnancy Technologies.  The all-inclusive product show makes FOMBEX  2023 the right event destination for pregnant mothers, breastfeeding mothers, and young families.  Shopping for multiple products in a single place will also be more cost-saving with Flash Sale & Discount Day sessions by the exhibitors of well-known products during the exhibition days.

Further to discounted prices and special promo benefits, many other opportunities are also offered to the visitors who will be able to get engaged in a series of “Activation, Bazaar, and Attractions” during the exhibition,  each of which bearing a specific theme which is highlighting modern needs and parenting lifestyles. All the activities are made possible by the partnership of  PT Debindo-ITE with various top parenting communities, powered by expert consultants in parenting, nutrition, and medical doctors who will be ready for sharing times and sharing info, ideas, and insights with the visitors.