Can the child’s growth return to normal? Unfortunately, stunting is a condition of growth disturbance that cannot be returned to normal. That is, when a child has been stunted since he was a toddler, his growth will continue to be slow until he is an adult.

According to the Head of BKKBN dr. Hasto Wardoyo, stunting can still be corrected if the child is not yet 2 years old, or is still in his first 1000 days of life. However, if the child is over 2 years old, nutritional improvements are only limited to increasing the child’s weight. For height gain, it is difficult to catch up if the child is already short.

In this series, dr. Wulan Sasmeita, SpA from Brawijaya Clinic Kemang will present several important points that need to be considered by every parent to ensure your child’s growth is optimal.

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