Yes, it’s natural for parents to feel tired, frazzled, and frustrated sometimes. But when parents experience more challenges than rewards of parenting over time, they’re at risk of burnout. That’s when they need to ask for help and find ways to re-energize.

Since kids are excellent imitators, parents must first develop emotional self-control if they want to manage their kids’ emotions. Children express their emotions in a variety of ways, whether they are joyful, sad, fearful, or furious. Parents might not always share a child’s perspective on certain issues. This frequently occurs, for instance, when parents become irritable more rapidly due to fatigue, and the child may occasionally suffer as a result.

In this series, Mrs Febria Indra Hastati, S.Psi, M.psi, Psikolog, CH, CHt from Brawijaya Klinik Kemang will present several important points that need to be considered by every parent to ensure your kids mental health development

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